Tell Your Mom Thanks: Mother's Day

by Olga Schafranek |

Mother's Day is coming up, but how do you even begin to show a mom how much you appreciate her? How do you tell your mom or your spouse what a super hero she is? Because she is. Whether she's the mom who is Pinterest perfect, or the one who feels like she's failing. The mom who has to go to work. Or the one who wants to go to work. The one who wants to stay home. Or the one who has to stay home. The one who is struggling, or the one who has it figured out. The mom who sometimes likes to be the girl she was before she was Mom. The mom who bakes and the one that buys. That mom is a super hero. A multi-tasking, supporting, worrying, sorrow-and-joy sharing super hero.  

Growing up I remember my dad putting together the most beautiful trays for my mom for breakfast in bed. Often times there was freshly squeezed orange juice and there would always be some kind of flower for added cheeriness and romance. The breakfast itself varied from the most basic toast with spreads to simple egg dishes. They never lacked in presentation, care, or love. He really set the bar high for the future husband of my adolescent day dreams.

Being a mom myself, I have to say that I think this is the perfect way to celebrate mom. Moms sometimes forget how energizing having a luxurious moment to yourself can be. Let the special mom in your life unwind, escape. Don't worry - after a bit she'll be eager to come back to her super hero mom life! 

Our Estate Collection gift set makes it so easy, too. Just heat up the blini and set everything out on a tray. Don't forget flowers. And definitely don't forget some coffee and a mimosa. And don't forget to say thanks. For everything she does.


I want to say cheers and thank you to all the moms - the moms we have, the ones we've lost, the soon-to-be moms (and I have to sneak in a shout out to my own rock star mom). I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day.

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Na Zdorovye,