Easy and Tasty Series: Up Your Take-Home Sushi Game

by Olga Schafranek |

As the weather progressively starts getting warmer, the desire to have fresh sushi gets stronger. I love knocking back a few rolls at home or even on a last minute picnic at the park. I haven't tried making sushi on my own yet (something I plan to do eventually), but for now, I thought I would take the Easy and Tasty route to create the Classic Signature bite for our Gold Pearl Salmon Roe - a California Roll topped with the roe.

If you're anything like me and my husband, you order the same sushi rolls every time. One of our forever repeats happens to be California Rolls, so that works out nicely for us. Adding the Gold Pearl Salmon Roe was a nice way to make it a little different. Of course, lots of sushi rolls come with roe or caviar on them already, but the richness and brininess of Tsar Nicoulai's roe adds a robust flavor finish to a plain California Roll.




So if you know you're going to have friends over and want a fun and fresh appetizer that's effortless to put together, or you want to elevate a sunny picnic dish, or just gourmet-ify a meal after a busy day, grab some sushi takeout (even from the grocery store!), top it with Gold Pearl Salmon Roe and 'EAT' your way to chef status. 

Use in moderation as the flavor can really pack a punch.

Splash some Yuzu on top and serve with low sodium soy sauce on the side.


To order Gold Pearl Salmon Roe, click here.


Na Zdorovye!