Back at the Farm: Hatchling Class of 2016

by Olga Schafranek |

After a couple weeks of incubating, our little hatchlings have arrived!
Tsar Nicoulai team members Auggie, Lucy and Greg bred our very own sturgeon currently on the farm in Wilton, CA. The eggs hung out in our customized incubating system until they hatched. The baby fish were then transferred to the hatchling tanks to continue to grow.

We are very excited to welcome the Hatchling Class of 2016 to the farm and are beaming with pride. Tsar Nicoulai has not welcomed a new class of fish for nearly two decades. Which makes breeding them from our own fish more amazing. A lovely circle of life.

Along with breeding more happy sturgeon in earth-friendly and non-invasive ways, we have planted new fruit trees including cherries, nectarines, plums, pears, persimmons, quince, pomegranates, apples, mulberries and figs as well as almonds and walnuts.  We look forward to harvesting the fruits of our labor and continuing to cultivate our cherished Northern California land.
Stay tuned in the future for more posts on the new and exciting things happening on the farm (like our smoke house)!

Na Zdorovye,