Our New Series: "Easy And Tasty" Signature Bites

by Olga Schafranek |

Have you ever avoided a recipe because it just seemed too intimidating? Or because there would be way too many dishes to wash after? Or you just don't have the time? Sometimes you just want the fancy without all the fuss. 

The Luxe Signature Bite for our Select caviar is a freshly fried homemade potato pillow topped with artichoke heart, a succulent piece of perfectly cooked crab meat, crème fraîche, and caviar. It sounds heavenly and perfect for your guests tonight, but with everything else going on during a typical day, do you really have the time or patience?

Do not despair! We have a shortcut version that you can make that will be just as decadent and nowhere near as cumbersome.

For those nights that you want to impress and indulge but don't have half the day to do it, we introduce our #EAT (Easy And Tasty) series. Quick and easy recipes to pull off gourmet dishes.

It's so easy, it's not even really a recipe. Just pick up some tater tots, artichoke dip, and pre-cooked, packaged or frozen crab meat at your local store. At home, mix the crab meat and artichoke dip together while you bake your tater tots. Top each tater tot with the crab and artichoke mixture, then some caviar. I added some long chive pieces as a garnish for some bright color.

(Tator Tot Expert Tip - flatten them a little before adding the toppings otherwise they just won't stop rolling around and will do some serious emotional damage as you try to perfect your presentation).

Na Zdorovye!