Happy Earth Day

by Olga Schafranek |

As you may have already realized, our commitment to the Earth is something we practice all year round. When you order from us, your shipment arrives in a thermal tote made from recycled items. Our aqua farming and processing methods are all sustainable and we are one the board of the California Aquaculture Association (link). Our love for the Earth runs seriously deep. I don't mean to brag, but we produce a great tasting product without any Earth-hurting strings attached.

One of our roes that has a particularly earthy flavor is, of course, our Truffled Roe, making it just the thing to properly celebrate Earth Day this year (and every year!).

When describing the flavored roes to me, Tsar Nicoulai team members told me it can be like a gateway roe for people who still need to acquire their taste for caviar. I wrote a paper for college with a similar idea about White Zinfandel for current non-wine lovers. If you think you don't like caviar, start with a flavored roe and work your way through our offerings. What a classy way to explore flavor!                            

And the Truffle Roe is the perfect way to start. It compliments any egg dish well (which happens to be the Traditional Signature Bite suggestion). That means it will be easy to make and not intimidating to eat. But, it also has enough flavor and uniqueness for seasoned caviar eaters, too.

To celebrate Earth Day and to broaden my caviar flavor palette, I added a dollop of Truffled Roe to a few different egg dishes - soft boiled, scrambled, and fried.

Not a bad afternoon activity.

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Have a Happy Earth Day. Our Truffled Roe can be purchased on our online store.

Na Zdorovye!