Back at the Farm: New Happenings

by Olga Schafranek |

Since the new year recently began, we thought we would take the opportunity to check in on the farm again and share with you some new developments. 

For the longest time, the Tsar Nicoulai farm only housed our sturgeon tanks and everything else was empty, open land. In recent years, we have been cultivating and taking full advantage of all the land has to offer. The orchard's plants we mentioned back in February are maturing and the smoke house is complete. 

Early September, our farm started its aquaponics program. Loaded with nutrients, recycled tank water is used to grow delicious vegetables. Lettuce and water crest are just a couple rewards of this truly sustainable objective.

It's never too early to start day-dreaming about Summer! An exciting new addition, our estate house, will open its doors in Summer 2017 for pop-up events, tastings, and private events. Tell your followers to brace themselves for your Instagram feed. After hanging out with sturgeon in one of the tanks, you'll be able to relax at the house, sit at the tasting bar, play at the game tables, enjoy the farm view from the comfortable seating area, go paddle boating, and cool off in the estate pool. And that's just a sneak peak of what's to come! 

I don't know about you, but I am ready to plan another trip out to the farm. And maybe move there. Yes. 

We are also very proud to share that our staff is full of women who share equal responsibilities with the men (like Hana, pictured above). From the website, to processing, to design, and even to the work on the farm, our female staff is a crucial part of our brand.

Living at the farm are more than just sturgeon! There are crawfish, goats, chickens, bass, and the farm mascot dog, Boston.

Keep track of our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and, of course, the blog and our gallery for updates on these new happenings. 

Na Zdorovye,