Caviar Trio - the perfect party in a box

by Olga Schafranek |

This Friday, November 3rd, a Tsar Nicoulai Caviar trio pack hits the shelves in West Coast Whole Foods stores. The caviar "flight" features three grades of our sustainable, farm-to-table, American white sturgeon, malossol caviar - Golden Reserve, Classic and Select  - and comes with a mother of pearl spoon. Our perfectly packaged set makes for a great gift this holiday season as well as the easiest secret weapon for an extravagant get together. Living across the coast, I don't get to visit the farm nearly as much as I would like. Enjoying these caviars as a tasting feels like I am exploring our beautiful farm in Wilton, CA. 

Unable to resist an excuse to have people over, I gathered a few friends for some caviar and bubbles. Armed with this trio pack, some creme fraiche and mini blini (both available on our website or Whole Foods), I was able to put together quite a spread with hardly any effort. In addition to the caviar topped blini, I made Joanne Weir's Celebration Pizza with Smoked Salmon and Caviar. I didn't have anything in particular to celebrate for this party, except becoming everyone's favorite friend and relative - caviar will do that! And so can this pizza.

For the Celebration Pizza, pizza dough is baked with cheese and red onions (no pizza sauce) then topped with smoked salmon, a creme fraiche drizzle, caviar and chopped chives. Everyone that came over went straight for the pizza - it was too pretty and luxurious to resist. 

I seriously adore my friends and family. Spending time with them, eating good food and drinking fun things, just warms my heart. As much as I love intense menu planning (something I inherited from my mother), the trio pack helped me focus more on the love and laughter of the moment spent with some dear people.

Joanne Weir is an award winning chef and beloved by many in San Francisco and across the country and world. She has multiple cooking shows (on PBS and CREATE) and has published several cookbooks. Joanne also teaches cooking classes in San Francisco and hosts culinary journeys across the globe. Don't doubt for a minute that I didn't immediately email her culinary journeys link to my husband with the subject line, "Gift Ideas for Olga" (copy and paste if you would like to do the same: We've partnered with Joanne to create some beautiful recipes for our caviar. We look forward to sharing more of them with you and to spending more time with Joanne. 

Pick up your trio starting November 3rd in participating Whole Foods stores and get yourself ready for all the holiday festivities that lie ahead! Scroll down for each caviar's flavor profile. 

Don't live on the West Coast? Visit the seafood department of your nearest Whole Foods and they can special order for you.

Na Zdarovye! 


Caviar Trio Tasting Notes 
The trio features three grades of caviar with three distinct flavor profiles and colors

Golden Reserve (Gold) - This exquisite and rare caviar with its medium to large bead and glowing golden color has a smooth, buttery finish that will completely exhilarate even the most discerning palate.

Select (Grey) - A premier caviar plated within the finest restaurants in the country. Praised by connoisseurs for its smooth finish, gentle pop, beautiful dark brown to platinum hue, and creamy medium to large sized bead. 

Classic (Black) - A complex flavor noted for its brine finish. It has a medium grain size with a bold jet black color and a delicate surface that melts on your palate.