An EAT Series Dish for Visiting New Parents

by Olga Schafranek |

The due date of our second baby approaches and we are all anxiously awaiting her arrival. I'm also looking forward to eating more of the caviar that I get to photograph. You know...and meeting this little bundle finally after 9 very long months. 
There are many sarcastic parenting blogs out there that talk about visitors after babies are born and how awful it is. It's funny because I quite like having visitors around. As long as they don't mind if I am showered or not and in yoga pants for the 5th day in a row, they are welcome to stop by. No gifts needed. It's nice to have company from the outside world, changing up the day a little and holding your baby while you sip some coffee or wine...or vodka, whatever. 
Food is a nice thing to bring though. Most importantly, easy food. And why not spruce it up a little? When flipping through our Signature Bites, I found one that fit the bill for visiting new parents perfectly! It's even one I could prepare myself with visitors on their way and the baby nursing 24/7. Of course, I would rather this just appear in my house rather than me put it together, but the effort is so minimal and the result pretty great, either way everyone's happy. It's the Traditional Signature Bite for our Smoked Trout Roe. A Latin parfait with layered fresh guacamole, garden salsa, sour cream and corn crisp topped with the roe. Did someone say 7-layer dip? Better yet, did someone say store-bought 7-layer dip? My pregnant self did. And my sleep deprived nursing self will say it, too! An awesome EAT version to an already pretty simple dish.
The Costco 6-layer dip we found was perfect. Since it didn't have a corn crisp layer we tried it with corn tortilla chips. Perfect. I transferred some of the dish out of the plastic into a glass container to make it seem less casual and thrown together, but honestly I don't think any tired mother that you are bringing food to will really care.
The smoky/barbecue-y flavor of the roe adds an interesting twist to this dish and a fun pop to its smooth creaminess, as well. I'm interested to see what the flavor can add to other dishes in the future, as well -- once I can really devour as much caviar as I want!
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Wish us luck!
Na Zdorovye!