EAT Series: A Quick & Luxe Dish for Labor Day

by Olga Schafranek |

I was shopping in Whole Foods Market the other day when I noticed smoked trout pâté in the seafood section. Brilliant! I had been intimidated by the prospect of trying out the Luxe Signature Bite for our Gold Pearl Trout Roe - rye bread toasts topped with Smoked Trout Rillettes, mixed greens, radish, horseradish dressing, and the roe. Now I had the perfect way to #EAT my way out of making it from scratch! 

May I suggest that this dish appear on your Labor Day Menu? Finish off celebrating Summer with an effortless bang! Treat your friends and family to an impressive and stunning bite that let's you stay lazy and take a break before the madness of Fall and back to school and full-day Fridays begin. 

It really is insanely easy. After finding the smoked trout pâté, I grabbed some radishes, some microgreens (I actually used radish sprouts), some prepared horseradish dressing/mayonnaise, and thinly sliced rye bread. At home I cut the bread into triangles, drizzled it with some olive oil and stuck it in the oven until toasted. Then I spread the pâté on each piece, added just a touch of the horseradish, thinly sliced radish, the trout roe, and a carefully placed sprout. 

It really takes no effort at all. You can throw these together in between setting up the drinks table, or firing up the grill, or finding the one bathing suit that still fits, or setting up the sprinklers. There is time for this dish and look how pretty it is! And the flavor is spot on, too. The creamy and smoky trout with the subtle, sweet pop of the roe and the crunch of the radish - divine! Your guests will thank you. And you will thank yourself for the shortcut to this deliciousness. 

Summer went by too fast, as always. My long bucket list for the season suddenly has no time for completion. As much as I love pumpkin spice and apple picking, I'm still clinging to the backyard barbecues. So breathe in those last few moments of Summer, everyone. I hope they are beautiful for you all. 

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Enjoy the long weekend! 

Na Zdorovye!