An Easy and Tasty Series Dish for Father's Day

by Olga Schafranek |

I think dads get a bad rap. They are constantly portrayed as dopey and incapable of doing anything kid care related. Granted, my mama kisses have the ultimate healing powers for bumped heads and scraped knees, and I seem to be the only one who can make sure our child is fed, at the same time my husband is a bit of a rock star in his own right.

My daughter is pretty convinced that only her dad can fix things around the house. (Sure, sure, I'm all about girl power, but I definitely use this to my advantage.) It's absolutely adorable to watch her in awe over her dad's ability to fix seemingly everything. And most of the time he includes her in the fixing process (so he's into girl power, too). Dads are important parts of kids' lives, and they definitely deserve a day of thanks.

A perfect way to show your gratitude for all he does is to feed him! And what dad doesn't love something that is quick to put together and full of flavor. This dish is our Easy and Tasty version of the Tsar Nicoulai Estate Caviar Classic Signature Bite and is ready faster than you can say, "Thanks for everything, Dad!"
I picked up a pre-made crab cake, some jarred herb mayonnaise (aioli works too and is what is called for in the dish), and an heirloom tomato at my local grocery store. The crab cake was large so I re-shaped it into smaller crab cakes and pan fried them. I used a circle cookie cutter to cut into slices of the heirloom tomato. You can just quarter your slices if you aren't as obsessed with presentation (I can feel my husband eye-roll as I type this). Place a crab cake on each tomato round, top with the mayonnaise or aioli, and then add the caviar. Garnish with chives for some additional color.  
Make sure to pick up Dad's favorite beverage too, whatever it might be. With all that extra time saved you'll have more to spend with him.
I feel I can't write a Father's Day post without mentioning my own awesome dad (who has appeared on the blog before). My dad has certainly kept my life entertaining and full of embarrassing moments. These memories and moments could fill a book, which he's asked me to write. Maybe next Father's Day.

Cheers to all the dads this Sunday! You guys rock!

Na Zdorovye!