Golden Reserve on Dainty Toasted Challah

by Olga Schafranek |

When I host parties, I have a hard time reigning it in. I get over zealous and want to make every single thing from scratch and have it be super fancy and amazing. This is all well and good, but if you are hosting a holiday party, things can just get a little hectic. I wanted to provide another super simple idea for a great small bite to include in any of your upcoming holiday gatherings. 

I am using Tsar Nicoulai Golden Reserve Caviar again. Our suggested Traditional Signature Bite for this specific caviar is to serve it on toasted and unsalted buttered challah bread, French brioche, or an English muffin and creme fraiche. My mother was visiting and kept asking me if I wanted to just bake the challah bread instead. I told you this is where I get it from. I insisted I was going store bought with this. Simple is the key! 

I sliced up challah bread I purchased from Whole Foods about 1/2-1 inch thick and then cut out little circles with a round cookie cutter. I dipped one side in melted unsalted butter and lined the circles on a foil lined baking sheet (buttered side up). I toasted them in the oven at about 350 degrees for a minute or two. Unfortunately you just have to watch it. There is no exact time that is going to work for everyone. I won't lie - I may have burnt the first one (or two) batches. 

Once they have cooled slightly, top with a generous 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of caviar and some microgreens for color. Oh - I left out the creme fraiche this time, but you don't have to. The subtle sweetness of the challah perfectly complemented the salty, buttery caviar. 

If you are having about 10 people, I would suggest around 2 large loaves of challah bread and a 1-2oz jar of caviar (it depends on the size of the loaf and the amount of caviar you plan to put on each one). Extra bread is good to have in case of burned batches. Leftover caviar will undoubtedly be taken care of, so more is always better! 


Na Zdarovye!