Ghosts, Spiders, and Vampires! Oh my!

by Olga Schafranek |

The peak foliage is already ending over here by me, but I am still trying to enjoy every ounce of bright red, yellow, and orange. As the pumpkins appear on porches, lots of kids start anticipating all the candy that will soon pour into their buckets and pillow cases in less than a week! Can I claim the "pregnant card" and just eat candy myself without sharing? I use the excuse for pretty much everything else less socially acceptable that I have been doing. 
One of my best friends growing up lived a couple blocks from me and they always went all out on Halloween. Their house was decorated the scariest on the block, but all the parents would power through with their kids because at the door not only was there candy, there was beer and wine for the adults. A genius idea and very neighborly gesture. 
I couldn't help but remember that when I was coming up with a Halloween bite for our Golden Reserve Caviar. I bet adult trick or treating would be popular in some places. Just judging by the eager parents I would see running up the path to grab a cup of beer or wine to enjoy while watching their kids get increasingly hyped up on candy.
The posh appetizers, however, are probably best kept for a fancified Halloween Party. I made a simple, spooky bite with Tsar Nicoulai Buckwheat Blini Mix, a spider web cookie cutter and some piped sour cream. 
If you've never used our blini mix before, you should. It's so easy to use and tastes great. And if you are conscious of ingredients in bagged or boxed mixes, do not fear this one. It's just organic buckwheat flour, organic whole wheat flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Basically taking out a couple mixing steps in making them from scratch. Added ingredients are also simple - milk, eggs, butter. This is coming from a person who feels the need to make cheddar crackers from scratch for her daughter's pre-school class (eyeroll!). Use this mix without shame! 
I followed the directions on the bag for mini blinis and then used the cookie cutter to cut out spider webs. I spooned some sour cream into one corner of a Ziploc bag, twisted the end and snipped off a tiny bit from the tip. Then I piped a spider web design onto each blini and topped with the Golden Reserve Caviar. Plastic spiders optional. 
Keeping it spooky but classy! 
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However you participate, have a happy and safe Halloween!
Na Zdorovye,