NYC Summer Fancy Food Show 2016

by Olga Schafranek |

To say I was excited to be at the NYC Summer Fancy Food Show on Sunday is a gross understatement. My love for expos runs deep - especially for those having to do with food. It was a requirement back in college for me to attend some industry expos. Hands down my favorite mandatory assignment ever. I wish I had one to go to every week.                                                                                                                                            get it. 

This Food Show is a gathering of nearly 6,000 companies and brands showcasing their unique, and for the most part, delicious products. Don't even ask me how long I spent "stuck" in the Italia section. I probably ate enough cheese samples to put weekend Costco shoppers to shame. 

But the main reason I was there was to join our Vice President, Ali, and Caviar Concierge, Sarah, at the Tsar Nicoulai booth to share some tasty bites with attendees and explain the wonderfulness that is our caviar. 

On the first day, visitors to the booth were invited to try an unsalted potato chip drizzled with crème fraîche and topped with either our Beet and Saffron or Ginger Naturally Infused Whitefish roe, as well as our Estate Caviar and Estate Smoked Sturgeon. We had first-time tasters and self proclaimed experts alike, and all were floored by the superior quality and outstanding flavor of our caviar. 

In a sea of 6,000 booths with a few around the show floor also presenting caviar, what makes one stand out from the rest? Countless banners were boasting their organic, sustainable, non-GMO, small batch, craft, gluten free, preservative free stuff. And sure, we are most of that. But we're more.

We are the only sturgeon farm with an FDA approved smokehouse right on the premises. Whether you are shipping your order to California or to New York, your caviar is hand-packed and coming directly from us. So it has less stops, it's less handled, and will be fresher. The true essence of farm-to-table.

More and more people are becoming concerned with where their food is coming from. With Tsar Nicoulai, we've been focused on the quality, integrity and naturalness of our production since the very beginning. And without sacrificing any of those things, we manage to be happier, friendlier and more approachable. We are from California, after all.