Bon Appetit's Healthyish - Poke Bowl with Gold Pearl Salmon Roe

by Olga Schafranek |

So it's been a couple months already since the start of the year and this is the time I really start to dwindle on all the grand plans I had on New Year's Eve. If you haven't bailed, that's great. But if you're like me, Bon Appetit's January issue has actually given us an out!

They call it Healthyish. Where we can be conscientious of what we put in our mouths without going crazy or living off bird seeds and blended cucumbers. A trendier name for the basic concept of "everything in moderation". This is something I was pretty much doing anyway, but now I could let myself feel accomplished about it and give it a fun hashtag.

One of their healthyish recipes is a guide to putting together a poke bowl. Yum. A perfect and less traditional way to serve some of our caviar. I'll use their outlined steps to show you how I constructed this masterpiece. 

1. Choose a base

I went with Japanese Soba noodles and cooked 4 ounces of them as per the package then tossed them in some toasted sesame oil. I think rice would have been delicious as well. This is basically a Hawaiian/Asian burrito bowl, after all. 

2. Choose a protein

We have a green grocer nearby with a little fish market in the back. They had some nice sushi-grade tuna and I picked up just under a pound. I made sure to ask the fishmonger if he would eat it raw himself before making my final decision. If you can't find fish you are comfortable eating raw, you can always use cooked salmon, shrimp or tofu as a protein. As always, make sure to ask the right questions and seek out the best seafood options available.

3. Choose a dressing

I found some ponzu dressing at the store and went with that. I cut the fish into 1/2" pieces and diced an avocado (I only ended up using about 1/4 pound of the fish). I put the avocado and tuna into a bowl. I added grated ginger with a few very thin slices of jalapeno and then tossed in some of the ponzu dressing and set it aside. 

4. Add the fun stuff

The possibilities are pretty endless. I went with a bunch of stuff. First, the avocado I already mentioned. I also quickly sauteed some sliced shiitake mushroom and pickled some radishes. I thinly sliced scallions on a bias and let the strips soak in some cold water to curl, then drained them and let them dry. I wanted some dried seaweed so I grabbed some pieces from one of those seaweed snack things and crushed them. I grabbed some sesame seeds as well. And then of course the main topper - Tsar Nicoulai Gold Pearl Salmon Roe

The noodles went into a bowl, topped with the tuna/avocado combo, I fanned out the radishes all pretty and made a cute little pile of mushrooms. The salmon roe was next, followed by a sprinkling of scallions, sesame seeds and crushed seaweed snacks. This dish looks and seems complicated, but it's not. The salmon roe was the perfect "fun stuff" garnish to this bowl of awesome.  

I felt like a pro making this dish. And I'm happy to embrace the healthyish lifestyle with it. My friend and I were just discussing cutting out sugar and wheat. Then immediately in the same conversation we made plans to bake little lark buns for the kids using sugar and wheat. But I can change that to whole wheat and honey for the #healthyish win. 

Na Zdorovye!