Roasted Beets with Creme Fraiche and Roe

by Olga Schafranek |

It is that glorious time of year when you just want to cook or grill fresh and colorful things all the time. Gatherings with friends and family always linger when the days stay lighter longer. Keeping it fresh, simple and pretty become priority so there is more time for stories and laughs. We love how the vibrant color of our Ginger-Infused Whitefish Roe and Golden Whitefish Roe pops against the deep backdrop of sliced roasted beets. This dish makes a great appetizer for a sit down dinner, cocktail or backyard party. Once you roast the beets the rest comes together pretty quickly.

I usually roast beets whole and unpeeled at 400-420 degrees F, wrapped in some foil (either individually or in groups of 3-4 beets of similar size). After about 45 minutes I start to check them with a fork. If the fork slides through the beet easily they are done. If it doesn't, check them about every 10 minutes for doneness. Really big beets can take a couple hours to roast. 

Once the beets are done and have cooled slightly, you can rub the peel right off under running water. Beets can stain, so be careful! Cut the beets into 1/2 inch slices, top with some creme fraiche and roe. Garnish with some greens for extra color.

Na Zdarovye!