Sturgeon Farm Romance

by Olga Schafranek |

We are proud to welcome a new member to our farm - Picolo! Proud papa, Clipper and mama, Clippret are doing well. Clipper is very happy with his new little family. 

Clipper had spent some time romancing the neighboring horses but to no avail. The farmers next door weren't looking to breed and Clipper had to be moved from his winter stall to his summer stall. Clipper had a hard time resisting forbidden love and tried many times to break down the fence and visit horses on either side of our farm. 

We were finally able to find the perfect mate for Clipper from his original home. Clipper picked his own love from pictures shown to him on an iPad. Luckily Clippret was also interested. After almost a year of a beautiful romance, Clipper and Clippret brought Picolo into the world. The family has settled into their new life on the farm and are frolicking happily ever after.