Summery Classic Signature Bite

by Olga Schafranek |

Despite not being in school for some time already, the start of Summer still feels like the start of freedom. The days start getting longer and brighter and warmer and just better. When Summer begins, I always start craving fresh, light and flavorful food. That's what makes the Classic Signature Bite for our Select Caviar so perfect. Tangles of angel hair pasta lightly tossed in butter, sprinkled with bright lemon zest, topped with shrimp and caviar.

The dish comes together quite effortlessly. After you boil angel hair pasta, add the pasta with some of the cooking liquid to a sauté pan with a generous slice of butter, toss the pasta to coat while adding lemon zest. Prepare salt and peppered shrimp how you prefer and top the pasta with it. Caviar goes on the shrimp. Parsley adds some nice color if you'd like. This dish also works well with lobster, of course.

You know, I recently was all about Spring, saying it doesn't get enough credit. But then Summer rolls around and now I'm like, "Spring who?!" I'll do the same for Fall, because apple picking and cider donuts. But I won't get ahead of myself. Right now it's time to relish in the sunshine and the lazy days. And the beautiful, beautiful food.

Can't you just imagine serving this dish outside in the back? Most everyone is done downing margaritas and sangria. The vibe has changed to white wine. Everyone settles around the glass topped table. You can't believe the time because it's still so light out and you feel like the party is only just getting started. And then you bring out this simple, elegant, lemony dish with a subtle hint of the sea. It's Summer perfection wrapped in a gentle pop of caviar.

To bring on the start of Summer with this lovely dish, order Select Caviar here.  

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