Truffle Infused Whitefish Roe on Pasta with Garden Vegetables

by Olga Schafranek |

Even in California the perfectly summery days can become numbered. On the East Coast the humidity isn't always welcome, but by the end of summer we are desperately trying to hold on to it - putting in a last ditch effort for one more glorious weekend by a beach, butter slicked fingers, cracking open whatever seafood. Then come the drips of watermelon juice or melting popsicle down our arms. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, but as summer ends, I cling to the sunny, sticky, thick days so fiercely.

This dish turned in to a sort of ode to summer vegetables as we draw closer to a season change. The farmer's markets are always full of shiny yellow summer squash and deep green zucchini so I picked those up for a take on the Tsar Nicoulai Truffle Infused Whitefish Roe Luxe Signature Bite. I diced those, leaving them a bit big. I also cut up some mushrooms, diced some onions and halved bright and juicy cheery tomatoes. The amounts don't really matter because the leftover vegetables make their own great side dish or topping for toasty crusty bread, but I would grab about two each of medium sized zucchini and squash.


I like the taste of caramelized soft onions so I sauteed them first in some hot oil over medium heat. Once the onions were translucent, I tossed in the mushrooms. When the liquid from the mushrooms began to evaporate, I added in the zucchini and squash. I didn't want any of the other vegetables (besides the onions) to get too mushy. Crisp-tender is what I was going for with slightly browned edges. The tomatoes went in last until they were just a bit scorched and letting  out their sweet and tart juices.

While all the veggies are cooking, prepare whatever pasta you like - enough servings for however many people you are treating to this bright and filling dish. 

I used linguine and composed the plate by making a tall pile of pasta, which I tossed in a little olive oil and salt, in the middle and bordered with the colorful vegetable mix. Garnish with fresh parsley and top with Tsar Nicoulai Truffle Infused Whitefish Roe. 


If you use something like penne, I think it would be best to toss the vegetables and pasta together, then add dollops of truffle caviar on top. You can also make this signature bite quick by purchasing a cold pasta salad (preferably no mayo dressing) and adding the roe on top. Make it extra summery by grilling your vegetables before chopping them up and tossing them with the pasta. The possibilities are plenty.

Our flavored roes are infused with all natural ingredients. The Truffle is earthy and rich and can add a level of sophistication to the simplest of dishes. You can also use it for cheese platters or serve simply with unsalted chips. 

Enjoy the rest of summer, my friends. 

Na Zdarovye,