Vodka, Scallops, and Caviar!

by Olga Schafranek |

Does anyone have that friend who cooks great stuff and when you ask for a recipe they say they didn't really use one? So whatever they made can probably never be recreated as deliciously by you. My mom and my brother-in-law are like that. It can be quite irritating (love you guys!). But I am totally going to be like that now...

To celebrate National Fried Scallop Day (Oct 2) and National Vodka Day (Oct 4), I decided to whip up our Reserve Caviar Luxe Signature Bite. A scallop dish with caviar that is recommended for pairing with cold premium vodka. How perfectly did that work out? Almost as perfect as my on-the-fly white wine cream sauce that is required for the Signature Bite (#bragging).

All I did was heat up about 2 tablespoons (plus or minus) of butter in a sauce pan and tossed in some finely chopped shallots. Once the shallots were translucent, I poured in some white wine (of which I first poured myself a glass to sip while cooking, naturally) and turned up the heat a little to let it reduce. Once the wine had reduced at least by half -- if not more -- I quickly whisked in some heavy cream and let that reduce a little, too. I added a few more splashes of heavy cream until I had the flavor and consistency I wanted. Oh, and salt and white pepper! I'm telling you. It was so good. I ate almost half with a spoon before actually using it for the dish. It would be delicious for anything. Potatoes (duh), fish (as per another alternative for this Signature Bite), asparagus, etc. 




I recently received some of our Mother of Pearl serving ware and thought this dish would be lovely on it. I spooned some sauce on the plate, topped with a perfectly seared scallop and, of course, the Reserve Caviar. The three layers of this dish make one perfect bite - the tender meat of scallop, creamy sauce and pop of caviar. Followed by a nice shot of ice cold vodka. 

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My friend and former co-worker was over checking out our new place and was able to sample the dish. Actually, she ate most of it because I'm pregnant (surprise!) and couldn't eat too much of it or drink any of the vodka. But I had the opportunity to be the annoying person with the delicious sauce and no real recipe (#foodiegoals). 

And don't forget, the story matters - when picking up your scallops, ask your supplier where they're from and how they're fished or farmed! Check the Seafood Watch website for your ideal options and best alternatives. 

Na Zdorovye,