• Tsar Nicoulai American Golden Whitefish Roe

Gourmet Roes - American Golden Whitefish / Fruity • Crisp

$ 15.00


  • Tasting Notes

    Indigenous to the Great Lakes area, this fish produces roe with small eggs, colored a soft, golden yellow. The individual eggs are crisp with a mellow and slightly fruity flavor. Whitefish roe is an extremely affordable option when serving a sizable number of guests. Its mild flavor also makes it very appealing to those who might be unfamiliar with roes.

  • Beverage Pairings

    Riesling or Chardonnay White Wine

  • Serving Suggestions

    Because of its mild flavor, this roe makes a great addition to any flavorful seafood dish. Also, with it's firm pop, adding it to any soft food (such as pasta or boiled potatoes) will add a lively and pleasing texture.

    • 2 oz / 56.69g jar serves 2-4 people
    • 3.5 oz / 99.22g jar serves 3-7 people
    • 6.5 oz / 184.27 tin serves 7-14 people
    • 1 lb / 453.59g tin serves 17-34 people
  • Signature Bites


    Top freshly fried homemade tater tots with creamy herb spread


    Garnish a "beggars purse": a thin crêpe filled with smoked Salmon, crème fraîche, caviar and tie it with a chive


    Dollop on twice-baked potato with fresh lump crab mead, crème fraîche, and chive

  • Storage

    When refrigerated properly (between 32˚ and 38˚F), vacuum sealed caviar will maintain its freshness until the expiration date indicated on the package. To preserve best flavor and texture, place in a bowl of ice in the coolest part of your refrigerator (usually the back) and refresh ice once a day. Once opened, caviar should be consumed within one day. 

    Shelf Life

    • 2 oz jars: 90 days
    • 3.5+ oz containers: 21 days
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